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Indian cuisine has evolved over a period of 5000 years, and, shaped by the influences of religious beliefs, social customs and foreign infiltrations, offers a valuable insight into the diverse cultures of this exotic subcontinent.

Famed the world over for its cuisine, India can entice visitors for its gastronomic journeys alone.  Let your taste buds be tantalised with street food tours, traditional home cooking, gastronomic hot spots and regional culinary delicacies.

India’s cuisine can be as varied as its culture and landscape.  From the smoldering tandoors and slow cooked, meaty delights of Rajasthan and the Awadhi cuisine of Lucknow, – rich in mutton, paneer and deep spices, to the snack obsessed Gujarat, with its vegetarian delights.  In Ahmedabad, tour the delicious street food vendors and sample the spiced vegetarian food, carefully prepared with a strict adherence to the Jain religion.  In Amritsar enter the heart of the Sikh religion, and lend a hand in the kitchen of the magnificent Golden Temple, which serves more than 100,000 meals to its fellow community every day.

In West Bengal enjoy the subtle Bekti fish curries and sweet plump, pastel hued mithai.  In the South, Hyderabad, the most southern stronghold of the Mughal Empire is renowned for its fragrant biryanis, as is Goa for its spiced seafood & delicate coconut curries.  Take a cooking class at the colonial Siolim House, a beautiful Portuguese manor house situated in North Goa.  Both Kerala and Tamil Nadu offer distinctive cuisine, from the tantalising vegetarian thalis to idlis, delicious dosas and pungent, peppery Chettinad masalas.

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