In the recent years India has emerged as one of the most sought-after MICE destinations. India provides an impressive combination of accommodation and other conference support facilities to hold a successful conference. High-tech facilities matching global standards are offered at conference and meeting venues in India.

The global MICE Industry had clearly understood the importance of MICE, for economies to grow and blossom. Every destination/country/nation across the globe is making a strong and aggressive pitch for MICE and Incentive Travel business. Infrastructure, Convention Centres and Room inventories are being developed and upgraded for a share of the MICE pie. Several major destinations have accorded such a high priority to MICE business, that the nations economy thrives on such business. Take-away the MICE business and econimies can collapse. Such is the current of MICE business. And MICE India is a strong stakeholder in MICE Tourism in India.

The income multiplier effect generated by MICE activity, has a far bigger – positive – inclusive impact for the economy, than any other. But MICE for India, as an Incredible destination, was nowhere on the cards. 


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