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Yoga and Meditation in India : A journey will change your life

Yoga in India is a thousand-year-old philosophy that unites the physical, the mental and the spiritual. The word yoga means union, in this case the union of body and mind

A healthy body cannot be achieved without a healthy mind. One way to get a relaxed mind is by setting out time from your everyday routine to let your mind and body shut down. This power break can refresh you beyond your imagination. Yoga and meditation are two ways you can shut down and ease yourself.

According to the Hindu doctrines on which yoga is based, the human being is a soul (jivatman) enclosed in a body (rupa). The body is divided into several parts: the physical body (sharira), the mind (mana), the intelligence (gyan) and the false ego (ahankara).

To lead a full life, it is necessary to satisfy three needs: physical need (health and activity), psychological need (knowledge and power) and spiritual need (happiness and peace). When all three are present, there is harmony. Yoga teaches the individual to evolve through the development of self-discipline. Yoga is also defined as the restriction of emotions, which are seen as mere fluctuations (vṛitti) of the mind. The followers of Hinduism distinguish between the soul (impassive, without emotions) and the mind (always fluctuating and full of anxieties).

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