Adventure Tours

A thrill seeker will be spoilt for choice in India. From a snow leopard trail in the Hemis National Park in Ladakh to a motorcycle tour to Gurudongmar, the highest lake in India, and even an entertaining rickshaw challenge across the country.

India is an excellent destination for adventure. Its vast geographical diversity and the pristine nature of its facilities enables all tastes to be catered for, from the gentlest to the fast-paced, and for people of every level of competence-the beginner and the expert.

From the daunting Himalayan peaks in the North to the azure coastal areas in the South, from the rain forests of the North East to the coral paradise in the South-West, it is variety that is as bewildering as it is diverse.

The Adventure Tour in India can also be immensely gratifying, giving diverse excitement and experience. Tours to various mountains and plateaus, forests, rivers, beaches, etc. in addition to participating in traveling on camel back amidst and along the Thar desert, camel races, and other sporting events of Rajasthan; participating in the boat races and dances of Kerala; and in the various events and sporting games of other States.  

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