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Across the history of humankind there have only been a handful of individuals who have left an indelible mark that holds strong even in today’s modern times. One such amazing person was undoubtedly Lord Buddha the founder and propagator of Buddhism. Lord Buddha was born in a place called Lumbini in modern day Nepal bordering India and during his life spread his teachings in much of these countries. Today Buddhism is an important world religion spread over much of India, Nepal, china and other parts of South East Asia. The indelible mark of Buddhism draws people by the millions and Buddhist Circuit in a big draw in both these countries. If you plan to visit India-Nepal region then it would be wise to study a few of the most visited places to ensure your holiday goes perfect.

This was where Lord Buddha spent the major part of his life until he was about 29 years of age. The place is situated at the foot of the Himalayan range and is one of the most visited places in Nepal. It is said there is a pond located here where Buddha’s mother took bath prior to giving birth to Lord Buddha. The place is said to provide a very peaceful feeling to visitors and one of the most important in the Buddha Circuit.

Bodh Gaya:
This place has gained importance simply because, it was under this Bodhi tree that he gained Nirvana or absolute Salvation and became the legend he is. Today besides the main temple complex surrounding the tree, there are a number of amazing temples built by Thai, Japanese and other devotees that are spectacular and must be seen to believe the splendor.

After Lord Buddha left this earthly existence, his remains were buried here in Kushinagar and a giant Stupa was built in his honor at this place. This place is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India and one can see a giant reclining Buddha Statue which was excavated after many years in oblivion.

This place in Uttar Pradesh is famous as Lord Buddha spent a major part of his life at the number of monasteries that were in existence during his lifetime. While here, he also gave a large number of his famous sermons and discourses that radically changed the thinking of people at that time in history.

A short distance away from the holy city of Banaras in Uttar Pradesh is the famous place called Sarnath. The place is important to the Buddhist circuit because right after gaining his Nirvana, he gave his first ever sermon at this location to 5 of his closest disciples. It was here that the Sangha or the brotherhood which was founded which went on to spread his teachings far and wide.

Close to the ancient ruins of the Nalanda in Bihar is located Rajgir, one of the most famous sites for Buddhist tourism. This is a very hilly location and it is believed that The Buddha spent a considerable time here as well at the many monasteries during his time.

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